The spirit of entrepreneurship breathes within the soul of every individual. It is what fuels our ambitions, goals and desires. It is where our dreams are born and realized. But more importantly, it is what propels the vision of our society and the growth of our ever-evolving world.

This is an environment where recognition of perseverance, persistence, and tenacity do not go unnoticed. Though the potential for failure does exist, it is the strength and vigour of this entrepreneurial spirit which empowers the will of entrepreneurs alike to go on.

Today’s generation of youth possess the key to not only sustaining, but also surpassing the entrepreneurial precedence set in the past. It rests in their hands to unleash a level of creative leadership that will both intrigue and guide society for generations to come.

Enterprize Canada recognizes the potential for these dreams to create our leaders of tomorrow. Regardless of challenge or risk, these leaders are driven by their unrelenting will to transform their visions into reality. These visions, be it large or small, pioneer change in a modern world that possesses a continual thirst for new ideas. By offering a world-class forum which brings together the creative minds of the country’s brightest undergraduate students, we will facilitate a unique community of innovation and sustainability.