Enterprize Canada aims to develop and strengthen relationships with community organizations to provide unique events and opportunities for students to get connected with local professionals and companies. Organizations we are currently collaborating with are listed below.



The Small Business Accelerator (SBA) allows you to search across, and link into relevant sources of free, industry-specific business information. The information on this website includes secondary market research sources, education, and business support services – for BC business owners and  entrepreneurs.

The Small Business Accelerator Business Guides walk entrepreneurs through the process of finding freely available, online, resources to research  different starts ups across many industries. Find over 100 detailed guides here.

The Small Business Accelerator Business Research Basics Guide explains how to become a do-it-yourself (DIY) market researcher and breaks down the  research process into three steps.


entrepreneurship@UBC is a campus wide initiative lead by the Sauder School of Business, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Science, and the University Industry Liaison Office.  The goal of the program is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship at UBC, provide enhanced learning opportunities, and ultimately accelerate new venture creation and growth by providing access to capital, space, start up services and mentors.



FreshPoint is North America’s leading fresh produce distributor, and is staffed by a host of passionate individuals dedicated to providing the finest and freshest products to their clientele. FreshPoint distributors have been serving their local markets for over seven decades, and are collectively owned by SYSCO – otherwise known as North America’s most respected foodservice distributor. Throughout its history, SYSCO and its subsidiaries have been providing unparalleled operational excellence on a national and local scale, support systems, customer service, genuine leverage buying, and real food safety that keeps it at the forefront of the industry.



A one-of-a-kind bakery with humble farmer’s market origins, Bonchaz is a Vancouver-based phenomenon on the food scene that serves sweet treats of all kinds alongside delicious soups and sandwiches. Despite opening two years ago, Bonchaz continues to experience steady growth of a loyal fan base… and is it really any surprise? In addition to a multitude of flavours of delectable pastries, Bonchaz also offers catering, a relaxing in-store ambiance, free Wi-Fi, and memorable service. Bonchaz is quickly becoming a must-visit foodie joint on the Vancouver scene.