Conference. Competition. Community.

“Philanthropy can often be the most cost-effective way for a company to improve its competitive context, enabling companies to leverage the efforts and infrastructure of nonprofits and other institutions.” -Michael E. Porter

Enterprize Canada is a unique experience for those aspiring to build and develop their own ventures, as well as for students interested in exploring potential career paths. It is the leading informational source for young Canadian entrepreneurs with a distinct focus on inspiring innovation and creativity, while creating the best value for stakeholders.

As a partner of Enterprize Canada, you will be an integral part of hosting one of Canada’s most prestigious conferences, business plan competitions, and community initiatives. By joining us in the promotion of academic rigor and breakthrough ideas, you will not only see benefits for your company, but for the community as a whole. Please join us in providing a world-class conference and business plan competition while enhancing the entrepreneurial experience for Canadian students.

  • Invest in student innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit, and personal development
  • Contribute to community development through the participation of unique events
  • Finance a start-up fund for business plan competitors (competition prize pool)
  • Establish meaningful relationships with the delegates and competitors
  • Network and connect with other business leaders
  • Develop recognition on the national and regional level